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Why Choose Us?

For us, a candle or home fragrance isn’t just an accessory that we occasionally roll out to brighten a room. It’s an important part of making a house into a home. It’s the first thing people notice when they walk through your door and their first impression of what your house says about you. It tells the world a little about who you are, your values and how you live your life.

Here at Wolfe & Bear our dream was to create something that brought joy to homes, be they cottages or castles, in the heart of a bustling city, the rugged coast or the rolling countryside. 

We wanted to create something more than another cheap candle, mass produced with no love, effort or thought. We wanted something better than we could find. So we decided to create it ourselves.

We have spent three years learning our craft before putting anything out to market. We learned how to hand craft our products so that they were the absolute best that they could be. We use the highest quality soy wax and fragrance oils and we have worked tirelessly to improve our products ensuring they were the best we’d ever come across. 

Our entire mission was and still is, focused on crafting the best premium candles and fragrance products that the world has ever seen. 

Welcome to our family. Welcome to Wolfe & Bear.

About Us

The Wolfe & Bear Family

Store owners

We are a family run business based on the beautiful coast line of the North-West of England. We've been making candles and other home fragrances for the past 3 years from our home and studio. We are thrilled that you have taken the time to visit our website - your custom means the world to us.